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Department of Anatomy

The Department of Anatomy is concerned with one of the preclinical subjects – HUMAN ANATOMY which forms the cornerstone of medicine. The department has provided successful training to over 600 1st MBBS students over these past academic years as per the curriculum recommended by MCI & KUHS. Assistant professors and lecturers of the department have been actively involved in the COVID 19 OP duty and PCR lab duty regularly during this pandemic.

All teaching faculty have regularly attended national and state level conferences, CMEs, symposiums, workshops and webinars from time to time with the purpose of upgrading and updating levels of academic awareness and excellence.

  2. Embalming

Embalming of bodies is undertaken for academic purposes. In public interest and service, the department on request, undertakes embalming of dead bodies for transportation purposes both national & international. Donated bodies by the public are received with due respect & acknowledged, which are further utilized for academic purposes in the department.

  1. Museum

M.B.B.S students are permitted to avail the facilities of the museum during working hours. On request, for academic visits of students from schools & colleges of the neighboring districts, facilities in the Anatomy Museum are made available.

  1. Preparation of specimens & catalogue for the examinations.
  2. Preparation of gross anatomy charts by the students.
  3. Preparation of embryology models.



The academic activities in the department are tailored according to the recommendations of the MCI & KUHS. In addition to the stipulated hours of theory classes & practicals, the department conducted seminars. Learning has been encouraged through peer group discussions & presentations. Continued periodical assessment; mandatory for eligibility of the students to appear for their final examinations has been undertaken. The new curriculum recommended by the MCI has been implemented. Competency based medical education is followed since 2019-2020 academic year. Online teaching methods have been practised since the COVID situation encompassing video demonstrations and online lectures. Regular online assessments and assignments are being conducted, aiding continued periodical assessment.


Dr Usha K K

Professor and HOD

Dr Sabeersha

Associate Professor

Dr.Faiza PK

Assistant Professor

Dr. Jeena

Assistant Professor

Dr Soumya R

Assistant Professor

Dr Akhil P Pushkar

Assistant Professor

Dr Ragija

Assistant Professor

Mrs Ann George

Assistant Professor(Non Medical) (Msc)

Demonstrator / Tutor Dr Ranjima P K
Dr.Arya K G
Dr.Naseeha Thahseen E
Dr.Hamna Nazir
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Anatomy Department

Anatomy Department

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