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Department Of Pharmacology

The broad goal of Pharmacology curriculum is to equip the Indian Medical Graduate (IMG) with the knowledge of scientific basis of therapeutics and the skills of rational prescribing during the second year of MBBS.

The department is currently contributing in teaching and research activities in the institute. The faculty are involved in taking theory, practical & computer assisted learning activities to second year MBBS students.

Vision and Mission

  • To train the UG students in the field of Pharmacology and rational drug prescribing practices.
  • To provide patient care services related to Pharmacology like Therapeutic drug monitoring, Pharmacogenomics & Personalized medicine.
  • To contribute significantly to research activities in preclinical studies, clinical trials & adverse drug reaction monitoring studies .
Dr Sabeena K

Professor & HOD

Dr Lima K M

Associate Professor

Dr Abdul Aslam P
Assistant Professor
Dr Parvathy R L

Associate Professor (CAP)

Dr Rahul V

Assistant Professor


The Department of Pharmacology conducts classes for the third, fourth & fifth semester MBBS students and also training for house surgeons & residents in other departments. Our Department also conducts KUHS theory and practical Pharmacology examinations.

Two ongoing projects related to Covid-19 submitted by our department have been approved by the Institutional Ethics Committee.

Pharmacovigilance activities were started since the beginning of the department in the institution. Students were trained on ADR collection and ADR reporting. It was made as a part of curriculum. Pharmacology department and Pharmacovigilance committee coordinated the same. Pharmacovigilance committee was reconstituted in 2018 and the activities for attaining independent ADR monitoring centre under PvPI was started. Initially the collected reports were sent to the nearest AMC at Govt Medical College, Calicut and to PvPI directly. Proper training on ADR collection were given to the house surgeons and students. Pharmacovigilance training was a part of house surgeons orientation programme also. In April 2019 our centre was approved as independent AMC by PvPI and the VIGIFLOW password was obtained in November 2019. Pharmacovigilance committee was reconstituted again in November 2019.

Presentations :

Professor Dr. Sanal Kumar K. B.   participated as faculty in the one day workshop on ICMR Guidelines, Good Clinical Practice and Current Regulations for Clinical trials held on 18th September 2020 at Government Dental College,Thrissur in collaboration with the Forum for Ethics Review Committees in India (FERCI) and had presented topic of GCP (Good Clinical Practice).

Previous year HODs of the department

 Dr Bindulatha Nair –15-05-2014 to 07/07/2015

Dr Asha S – 07-07-2015 to 18-08-2016

Dr Sujatha –21-12-2016 to 19/08/2019

Dr.Sanalkumar-2/09/2019 on wards -continue as such.

Goals/initiatives to be undertaken in the near Future.

      1.PG course to be started.

  1. Drug Quality testing Centre.

         This is by considering the importance of getting the quality drugs to the patients by avoiding spurious drugs

  1. Analytical Toxicology Unit.

         This will be of benefit to the clinicians for monitoring the serum levels of drugs having low safety margins.

        Qualified Lab staff with proper training is needed to set up the unit.