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Community Medicine



Department of Community Medicine is committed to the goal of M.B.B.S training programme  to create doctors with requisite knowledge, skills, attitudes ,values and responsiveness so that they may function appropriately and effectively as a physician of first contact for the community in the primary care setting both in urban as well as rural areas of our country. The department is involved in teaching, training and research of undergraduate students. To accomplish this, the department   need to have a rural and urban training centre .There is an Animal bite Clinic run by the department functioning in Medical College Hospital. During epidemic season the fever clinic is coordinated by the department.

 The department works closely and complementarily with the District Health System in   combating outbreaks and health issues in the district. Since the past ten years, the district had to face public health challenges like declining immunization rates among under fives, re-emergence of infectious diseases and the slow growing epidemic of non communicable diseases. Malappuram district is known for its model of Community based Palliative Care and the first community based Palliative care clinic is in Manjeri.  The department endeavors to expose the undergraduate students to ground realities in the field and acquaint them with the innovative health programmes   in the district such that through experiential learning they develop leadership and managerial skills. On February 2017 we shifted our department to new academic block of GMC Manjeri and started functioning as  a complete department as per MCI norms .


  1. Out reach Camps
  3. Covid-19 Supportive Supervision (CFLTC / Medical College )
  4. Health care workers risk assessment &Quarantine certificate issue
  6. Death audit
  7. Epidemiological Investigations of outbreak
  8. Surveillance of Water quality
  9. Multicentric Projects (ongoing)
  10. Departmental Projects (ongoing)
  11. Awareness sessions – Television ,All India Radio
  12. You tube Channel (for IEC under RPEID Cell)
  13. Workshops/CME’s (VIRTUAL & ONSITE)
  14. Project guidance  /statistical help (for Faculty &Students)
  15. Faculty guidance &Support for Student Research & ICMR –STS Projects


  1. Antirabies Immunisation clinic                                
  2. Local  OPD/COVID OP
  3. Conducting OP and special clinics at  RHTC and UHTC
  4. Disease surveillance unit –RPEID Cell


  • TRIBAL POSTING FOR INTERNS: Exposure for interns on healthcare of vulnerable groups (tribal population) by collaboration with GTSH attapadi
  • RHTC /UHTC :Adopting wards by medical students and interns for healthcare activities
  1. a) Ward 13 of Edavanna Panchayath by 1st semester students (2017 students)
  2. b) Ward 16 and 17 of Kavanurpanachayath
  • ICDS :Selected all Anganwadi of Kavanur ,Edavanna LSGD and Manjeri municipality for Heath education activities by interns
  • Pokkodevetenary college : Liason in Undergraduate MBBS Teaching learning
  • Occupational health : tea factory visit at Achoor tea factory ,Wayanad, Harrison Malayalam Plantations  as part of Study visits for 7th semester students


  • Investigation of Cholera outbreak with ADHS Public health
  • Investigation of Kala Azar with state team
  • Investigation of health concerns following a major   fire mishap paint manufacturing unit at Thuvakkad
  • Epidemiological Investigation of unlinked COVID cases in Malappuram district
  • Investigation of infant death related to COVID-19 IN Manjeri Municipality
  • Investigation of Shigella death investigation of suspected covid death in infanT


Dr. Jayakrishnan Thavody

Associate Professor

Dr. Siva Kumar C P

Associate Professor

Dr. Anish T S

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sujina C M

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sabitha Rose Jacob

Assistant Professor

Dr. Anagha S Vijayan

Assistant Professor

Mr. Shakeelurahman

Assistant Professor

Dr. Remiza Rayikkal Answar

Senior Resident

Dr. Anisha Sharahudheen

Senior Resident

Dr. Amrutha M S

Senior Resident

Dr. Shabnam Vazeez

Junior Resident

Dr. Abrar Ahamed N V

Junior Resident

Dr. Shilja N K

Junior Resident

Mr. Sujith M Swamy

Health Educator

Mr. Sudheesh Kumar K

Health Inspector