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Bio chemistry

Department of Biochemistry

The mission of the Department of Biochemistry is to maintain excellence in service, teaching and research. The Department is involved in both preclinical and clinical teaching. In the preclinical years, teaching concentrates mainly on basic principles of biochemistry and metabolism and also provide early clinical exposure sessions. Teaching in the clinical years is devoted to clinical chemistry, including the interpretation of biochemical data of patients.

Academic Activities:

The department is involved in teaching and training of undergraduate medical students (M.B.B.S.).

  • Conducting Foundation Course (1 month duration), theory, practical, small group discussions, early clinical exposure sessions, self directed learning sessions, seminar classes, and exams for 1stB.B.S. students as per the new C.B.M.E. curriculum.
  • Conducting Training Programme for D.M.L.T. students from other colleges.

Laboratory/ Diagnostic Services:

  • Routine Investigations
  • Serum Protein Electrophoresis
  • Estimation of G6PD activity


Dr. Sajeevan K.C

Professor & H.O.D

Dr.Shajee S Nair

Associate Professor

Dr.Farija. P.K

Assistant Professor

Dr. V Sindhu Priya.K

Assistant Professor

Dr. Rejitha Ramachandran

Assistant Professor

Dr. Arun Babu N.B

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sibiya Odayappurath

Assistant Professor

Biochemistry Laboratory

Biochemistry Laboratory

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